AJA Soul is a brand that speaks to the SOUL of a person allowing them to express their culture, heritage and consciousness. Our goal is to provide unique products for us, by us. Browsing your local big box retailer you may see some cute tees, some fabulous home décor and the perfect travel accessories. But finding the perfect tee that allows you to boldly express your culture and heritage maybe a bit harder. Mainstream society has pushed stereotypes of black women and black men and tried to fit us into their narrative, but Black women and Black men were born to stand up and stand out.  This is why AJA Soul was created.

Our brand is empowering, inspiring, and bold with hints of pop culture and some blast from the past. Our goal is to provide products that reflect SOUL and proudly express our culture; celebrates our heritage; empowers the beauty and essence we command; and embody all that our ancestors were. At AJA Soul you’ll find irresistible pieces that you can’t live without.

As a wife and mother AJA Soul was created with the thought of my three children-Ashley, Jacarri and Aniya (aka-AJA) in mind. The youngest, Aniya wanted shirts and bookbags with little girls and characters that looked like her on it. So what started as a way to empower and inspire Aniya and just a hobby on the side; ballooned into a brand that is AJA Soul. As you browse AJA Soul I hope you find designs that reflect who you are-sassy, classy, funny, bold, spiritual, confident, sexy, cute and everything Soulful. Our designs are meant to speak for themselves and express the soulfulness we embody within us.